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Prepping Gear You Must Secure


Nowadays, the comfort and security of society is at the very high level. However, it also alarms people about the possible threats and how they can survive once a disaster happens. This fear and awareness give birth to some people in various parts of the world to start prepping for the worst. They train how to handle themselves when disaster strikes and how to survive later on. Aside from that, they are also securing prepping gears and food items to ensure they can adapt to whatever scenario they encounter after a major disaster. Here are the prepping gear everyone needs regardless of their location.


  1. First aid kit - The moment disaster strikes, injuries might not be avoidable. As such, you want to have something to prevent injuries from worsening. A first aid kit is always necessary. The basic medicines and medical kits can help your body from diseases and injuries.


  1. Emergency flashlight - Flashlight is a very important gear. Unless you learn to live in the dark, you will feel uncomfortable if you get buried in your house or have to move around during nighttime when the power source fails. You also should store some bulbs to replace broken bulbs if necessary.


  1. Batteries - You also need batteries. Although it will only last you for a few weeks. It is enough for you to adapt. If you can secure solar panels, it is also a good idea so you can have electricity for a longer period, read more now!


  1. Radio - You need to have a method to transmit and receive information and the radio is a perfect device for that. Although a lot of people might be wary of transmitting information due to the risk of competition on resources, the ability to receive news if available is still a great option.


  1. Survival gears - Since there is a chance that you will lose the comfort and convenience today's society has, you have to secure survival gears. Survival gears are being used for those people who love to camp outdoors or even live off the grid. Items like sleeping bags, fire starter, machete, cooking tools and compass are just few of the survival gears. Should you wish to learn more about saw, go to https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/technology/technology-terms-and-concepts/saw.


  1. Hunting and fishing gears - Since you will eventually consume the food you stock until a disaster, you need to have gears that can help you secure food. Fishing and hunting gears are the best solution. Hunting bow and arrow, fishing net and reel as well as traps can provide you a reliable food source.


  1. Guns and bullets - Unless you learn how to make bullets, you know you will end up using them sooner or later. Therefore, your guns and bullets must be used only to protect you and your family.


There are still a lot of prepping gears you need to have. Just make sure that you steadily collect them and know how to use them, view here for more details!